Adding Polygon(Matic) to Metamask. Creating Polygon(Matic) Wallet

Connecting to a Matic network through custom RPC is very simple and can be done in a few simple steps. By doing so, you will receive your own Polygon Wallet, which enables you to send transactions and interact with applications with blazing fast speed and near-0 fees.

(1) Install metamask from their official website (website):

If you already have Metamask installed skip to step(1.4) (click here)

1.1) Open Metamask

1.2) If you already have a wallet, import the seed phrase,
ELSE create a new wallet

1.3) Click on the dropdown menu

1.4) SELECT "Custom RPC" option

2.) Enter the following Network details and click "Save" button
Network Name: Polygon Mainnet
ChainID: 137
Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:

3.) Congratulations! You can now use Polygon network and benefit from it's near-0 and near-instantenous transactions!