CryptoMacaronis: NFT Collection

Mac&Cheese is aimed to create a system of vested interests. Instead of selling the NFTs, they can be gifted to the protocol, as it has the ability to hold them. Keep in mind that there is nobody responsible for creating the NFTs, nor anything else. You should have no expectation to make the money from the work of others. It's a decentralized protocol where anybody is allowed to participate. If you own a part of something, you are likely to contribute to it and make it better.

Influencers (don't neccesarily have to be crypto related) can request to be turned into a Cryptomacaroni : - ). The pictures are hand drawn and can be customized to your request. You get to claim the NFT for free and do whatever you want with it - you could sell, hold, donate it or anything in the between.. XVMC benefits from the free exposure and attention, you get the NFT that might or might not become valuable. A system where the interests are aligned to benefit everybody.

Could there be NFT collections? Could they be gifted to the protocol? Yes. Could a NFT marketplace be built out of the protocol? Also yes. The protocol itself could act as an NFT trader. The possibilities are limitless, the protocol is designed to be modular and upgradeable, allowing for such adaptations.