Contribution phase extended until 30th of November

The contribution phase has been extended until end of November.

Why? (-‸ლ)
  • The initial timeframe had been too short. It is important to onboard new members and grow the community for stronger network effects and bigger growth potential later on
  • IDEX is launching their hybrid DEX on Polygon on 1st of December and we would like to tag along. It would be beneficial to get listed, though the decision is solely at their discretion
  • New and improved pools will be launched with mandatory lockup for staked free-claimers(previously you would get penalized, but you could withdraw at any time), as well as improved system for parallel stakes
  • The improved code needs to get peer reviewed/ audited before going into effect.

  • New schedule is as follows:
  • Contributions and free-claims are available until 30th of November
  • XVMC+meme tokens are distributed to contributors around end of day on 30th Of November
  • Staked tokens(from free-claim) will be sent into locked pools shortly after(presumably 1st of December)
  • Free-claimed XVMC+meme tokens with no stake/lockup will be distributed with slight delay(to be determined)

  • It is not something we wanted to do, but we believe it is the best decision for the long term viability of the project. It is better to take some short term pain in order to yield the benefits on the long term. If this is a total deal breaker for you and if you are not willing to wait only until end of month, then you can do a claim-back until 17th October 23:59 GMT procedure