Contribution phase has been extended

Bitcoin has one event every 4 years where the reward per block(inflation) halves every 4 years. It's called "halvening". In XVMC there is a better and innovative - fully dynamic alternative concept called "Fibonaccening". Most have probably previously heard of Fibonacci levels in trading. The name has been chosen to trigger your curiosity and get your attention by creating a gap of knowledge. To fill the gap, you must figure out what it means. Mac&Cheese started with a 25XVMC/block rewards. To earn rewards users must stake and lock their tokens. If they break their promise and withdraw prematurely, they get penalized and penalties are collected in the treasury. Once a threshold of tokens is collected, a "fibonaccening" event occurs.

Fibonacci Payout
  • Is scheduled to be a one-time event, that will occur roughly on 23rd of November. (Due to delay, this event will be either cancled or postponed)
  • In a period of 2 days, roughly 23.6% of entire supply is printed
  • encourages people to stake and lock their tokens
  • If you are not staked, your tokens get diluted
  • Designed to induce volatility
  • Generate interest and attention

  • Fibonaccening event
  • creates a period of boosted rewards meant to attract new users
  • Acts as mechanism for re-distributing the penalties to the stakers
  • After the event ends the penalties collected inside the treasury are burned
  • The global inflation of the system reduces by -1.618XVMC per block
  • 1.618 is the Golden Ratio in mathematics and is also known as the "divine proportion"

  • Since we can't guess the market conditions and environment in advance, the events are dynamic and determined through decentralized on-chain voting where the users effectively act as oracles to regulate the inflation. This process(short period of boosted inflation, burning the tokens, decreasing the inflation by 1.618XVMC/block) repeats itself until the rewards hit 1.618XVMC/block. And that's where the "Grand Event" is to happen.

    The Grand Fibonaccening
    All cryptocurrencies start out "cheap", but as the user base grows, the price increases and gets "expensive". It is a fact that most people like to buy cheaper coins, where perceived upside is higher and where they can own more tokens(holding 0.00043Bitcoin is not attractive). This is why you see many projects just "shift the decimals"(increase supply by 1000x and decrease the price /1000 to make it "cheaper" and more attractive). The "Grand Event" will effectively increase the supply from x100 - x1,000,000. The multiplier and the final date of the event is to be scheduled through decentralized voting. Some people are always buying, some like to FOMO in when the price is rocketing and a lot of people like to buy on the way down(they are afraid of buying the top, and it feels safer to buy after the price has gone down and is now perceived to be "cheaper" - "a better deal"). People are wired differently and the purpose of the inflation module is to catch every single potential buyer. It seems counterintuitive, but the price could decrease and the value of your holdings could increase(through printed rewards), if the capital entering the market exceeds the capital leaving the market.

  • The event is scheduled to last for up to 2 weeks
  • Date and desired supply is determined and voted on by the users
  • There will be a short period of insanely boosted rewards
  • Supply will increase by x1.618 in roughly 2 hours
  • Followed by a period of rest (0 rewards)
  • Maximum 2 events per day, only happen at pre-determined time
  • Event lasts until desired supply is reached
  • Duration and number of events depends on the desired multiplier of the supply
  • Induces volatility, attracts interest, attention, new users
  • Creates an opportunity for people to earn a lot of tokens
  • People like buying on the way down
  • People like high and attractive rewards
  • Encourages people to lock-in their tokens(the only way to earn)
  • After event ends, the global inflation is set to the golden ratio,
    the divine proportion - 1.618% annual inflation
  • Creates a cheaper token with higher perceived upside
  • Earned tokens can compensate for decrease in price
  • Price creates a big "crater", moving away from everyones buy point
  • Removing any psychological resistances
  • Potentially allowing the price to effortlessly create new gains