Mac&Cheese ($XVMC) Decentralized Dynamic Time Deposit Working As Autonomous Organization (DAO) Designed to... Create Scarcity Attract Liquidity Increase it's Value Made By Holders, For Holders Green & Energy Efficient (PoS) Stake & Earn Interest Protocol As A Service Built On Polygon Penetrating multy- $trillion Market

Mac&Cheese(XVMC) is a decentralized cryptocurrency and is the culmination of 10 years of cryptocurrency innovation and market psychology.
XVMC protocol is a dynamic high-YIELD blockchain time deposit(CD) working as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with a mission-specific design: to create scarcity, attract liquidity and increase it's value.

Disclaimer: The interests are paid in XVMC, which posseses all of the qualities that make cryptocurrencies so valuable: decentralization, scarcity, an alternative to traditional currencies and a new form of governance and collaboration. However please keep in mind that there is no promise of future value. The price is determined by the market. The XVMC currency should be treated as an experimental decentralized cryptocurrency with enormous upside potential that comes at a cost of high risk. Without risk, there is no reward. It's likely to be highly volatile and could go to 0.
Security Services

Store of Value

XVMC protocol has a mission-specific design. To create scarcity and attract liquidity. Potentially the most powerful AI designed to create a superior decentralized currency and the world's best store of value.
Data Privacy

Time Deposit (CD)

The longer the lock-up period on your XVMC tokens, the higher interest you will earn. Time deposits are the biggest money-market in the traditional finance worth $trillions of dollars. Creating possibilities for virtually unlimited upside potential.
Industry Certified

DAO: Governance

Operated as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) governed by it's users and long-term stakers. Made to create value and wealth through continous growth, evolution and provision of valuable services to the people

Fairly distributed to Over 25,000 + Holders Worldwide

Industry. Unlimited Potential.
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pioneering the cryptocurrency industry

Network Security


XVMC is decentralized cryptocurrency running as a computer program, eliminating the need for trusted third parties such as banks

Database Security

High Interest(APY)

Stake your XVMC tokens and earn up to 100% APY. Rewards are earned partially from inflation, partially from prematurely ended stakes

Web Security

Governance (DAO)

An advanced governance & consensus model. Long term stakers with highest vested interest get to decide on the future upgrades of the protocol

Locker Security


Designed to create scarcity. Users lock their tokens to earn rewards, effectively removing supply from the market and creating a scarce asset

Data Security

Financial Inclusion

No minimum deposit, giving everybody an equal opportunity to plug into and benefit from the global financial ecosystem

Cloud Security

For Holders

System designed for the benefit of long term holders and stakers. Assets tend to appreciate over the long term, as FIAT currencies tend to devalue over time

Locker Security


Blockchain is a closed system, unable to understand and interact with the real world. XVMC uses on-chain decision model relayed by users, secured and ensured through vested economic interests

Data Security

NFT Market

XVMC has the ability to hold NFTs in it's treasury wallet, making it an appealing asset for everyone interested in having the exposure to NFTs, without the need for speculation on any one picture/NFT

Cloud Security

Low Inflation

There is no cost paid to miners nor validators. All of the inflation is rewarded to XVMC holders, enabling for low emissions. The rewards(APY) are fully dynamic and are made to be regulated by the users

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