Mac&Cheese Smart contracts

All smart contracts are launched on Polygon network
  • Classical masterchef is used as the backbone for creating rewards(inflation)
  • Pancakeswap's autocompound pools have been modified to create time deposits
  • XVMC governor acts as a decentralized governor of the whole system, including inflation schedule
  • "Side contracts" contain the logic and storage, while the main contract(XVMC governor) is used as execution layer
  • Users act as oracles to regulate the system in decentralized manner
  • The stakers form the consensus model that can add new functionalities and modules, create improvements, fine-tune existing architecture, or re-design the whole system

  • During the initial phase flexibility was chosen over decentralization. The system is controlled by smart contracts, but there is still alevel of trust relayed on the contract owner. It allows for quick fixes and updates if needed(secured through time-lock). Once the system is provably secure to run on it's own, owner access should be renounced through the voting mechanism.

    XVMC Token: