Mac&Cheese (XVMC): Features Overview

The backbone of the entire system is XVMC as a decentralized dynamic CD(time deposit). Penetrating the biggest market in the world, the size of up to 10x larger than that of Bitcoin(store of value).

The locked-up stakers form the DAO, whose goal is to maintain and increase the value of the system. High APYs are unsustainable over the long term and that's why XVMC baseline inflation is low. Events can be scheduled during which the rewards(APYs) are boosted in order to attract new users and induce volatility.

The only thing that determines the price of any asset are the buyers and sellers. XVMC is designed to remove potential sellers from the market(token lock-ups) and attract new users through periods of boosted rewards. It promotes long-term thinking in order to help the users, as well as increase it's value. In order to reach the highest growth potential, it's made to appeal to the widest audience possible through strong fundamentals, as well as the latest trends such as meme tokens, NFTs, gaming, virtual land and the Metaverse.

(1) Blockchain Certificate of Deposit(CD): XVMC decentralized time deposit
Certificates of Deposits(CD) or Time Deposits are the biggest market in the world. XVMC is the first dynamic blockchain CD aimed to penetrate the value of the biggest market in traditional finance while capitalizing on the virtue of cryptocurrencies as the fastest appreciating assets in history: creating perfect recipe for explosive growth and adoption.
  • Flexible time-deposit options
    (from 1Month to 5Year lock-up)
  • Longer time-deposits pays higher interests(APY)
  • Dynamic reward mechanism: Low inflation, High Rewards
  • Volatility: Events with boosted rewards(high APYs)
  • Scarcity: Global inflation reduces over time
  • Deflation: Scheduled Token Burns
  • Penalties for early withdrawals
  • Stake Roll-Over Bonus:
    Once stake matures, users get paid a bonus for extending or rolling-over their stake into a different time deposit
  • Stake Division: Stakes can be transferred,withdrawn or partially transfered - allowing for maximum flexibility
  • Hop Stake To Another pool:
    Users can always transfer their stake to a longer time-deposit option in order to earn higher rewards, transferring their principal+interest earned, as well as time served
  • Voting Power (Governance/DAO):
    Staked users can participate in the decentralized voting mechanism
    Allows for the protocol to be upgraded in a decentralized manner
    Users can cast votes by themself, or delegate their shares to a delegatee
  • Stake Transfer: Stakes can be transferred
    to another wallet, leaving possibility for future potential of a time-deposit market

  • (2) Flexibility: Dynamic System Maintenance &
    Integrated Decentralized Oracles

    The environment and (market)conditions are forever changing and that's why XVMC is designed to continously adapt and improve over time. Blockchains are closed systems, unable to process, see or understand the information outside it's specified parameters of operation. Oracles are trusted third parties that rely the real-world data and information . In XVMC the users act as oracles regulating and maintaining the entire system through a decentralized bidding mechanism. Participation has an economic cost in order to ensure responsibility. The maintenance mechanism is overpowered by the governance - DAO controlled by XVMC stakers.
  • Reward boost events(Inflation & APYs)
    Volatility-inducing speculative events.
    Temporarily increases APY, burns tokens and reduces global inflation
  • Token Burns(Deflation)
  • Stake Roll-over Bonuses
  • Farming & Pools reward allocation
  • Voting thresholds, time-delay required, & much more

  • (3) Governance: Works as a DAO
    Locked up stakers(inside XVMC CD/time deposit) can vote on proposals through which the protocol can be fine-tuned, improved, modified or entirely re-designed in a completely decentralized manner. A greater weight per token staked is assigned to stakes with longer lock-up period: The longer you lock your tokens for, the greater voting power you receive. This creates a DAO governed by long term participants with highested vested interest and incentives aligned for the long term viability of the protocol.

    (4) NFT Staking Support
    System has an integrated NFT staking support. Currently there are no rewards assigned towards NFT staking, however the stakers in the network can initiate the staking rewards for the NFTs through a decentralized(trustless) proccess. Any NFT can be made stakeable, however the idea is to NOT reward the outsiders. As NFTs are staked, harvested earnings create certificates of deposits(locked stakes). If harvested directly into wallet, penalties apply.

    (5) Community-owned (stakeable) Virtual Land
    Community should launch virtual land NFTs and allocate staking rewards. Instead of owning a "picture" NFT, you own a plot of land in the digital metaverse(demo). Land issuance should be controlled through the governing process. The protocol should own a portion of the land, making the whole system more valuable and more attractive to new participants.

    (6) Non-fungible Tokens: NFTs
    XVMC protocol has it's own treasury wallet, which has the capability to hold Non-fungible Tokens(NFTs).
    The NFT ownership could make XVMC attractive to a wider audience - from retail to institutional managers looking for NFT exposure. Through buying(owning) XVMC tokens, you receive an in-direct exposure to NFTs, without having to own or speculate on a single picture.

    (6) Meme tokens: DOGE420, DOGE69
    Combining the biggest meme in the world(DOGE) with most popular meme numbers, DOGE420 and DOGE69 have been created. Majority of the supply is held in the treasury wallet of the XVMC protocol. Roughly 25% of tokens have been distributed to 2500+ participants. They serve a similar use-case as the NFTs. Instead of having to speculate on meme tokens, you can get an in-direct exposure just by owning XVMC. XVMC rewards can be allocated for DOGE420 and DOGE69 staking pools if the users choose to do so(through governance).

    (7) Limitless Possibilities: Modular design
    The modular design allows for virtually limitless possibilities. Almost anything can be built on top of the protocol. But keep in mind, nobody is responsible for doing the work. If you have an idea, you can build it and plug it into the protocol yourself. It's an open-source project in which anyone can participate. If your contribution is good enough, you could incorporate a payment for yourself through the protocol. Keep in mind that whether your contributions will be integrated and wishes granted will depend on the governance results.