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NFT & Meme Tokens Exposure

XVMC protocol integrates NFTs and meme tokens, giving you indirect exposure at zero cost, with no additional risk

XVMC Protocol

0% VC ownership, 100% Community:

Security Services

Money & Currency

XVMC is a decentralized cryptocurrency & financial protocol. Inflation pays YOU and gives progressively higher rewards to long-term stakers. Inflation reduces over time for scarcity effects and is managed by the DAO.
Data Privacy

Government (DAO)

The protocol is governed by long term stakers in a decentralized manner. No third parties and no central authorities required. The DAO is not a fictitious arrangement, but is built into and bound by the code on the blockchain.
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Treasury & Power

The more valuable the protocol becomes, the more power it accrues. The in-built treasury allows for the balanche sheet of the protocol, which enables buy-back & burns, payments, rewards for contributors and more!

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

XVMC Features

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Security Services

Store of Value

XVMC protocol has a mission-specific design. To create scarcity and attract liquidity. Inflation reduces over time and periodical reward boosts attract new users. YOU become an integrated oracle regulating the system and the currency itself.
Data Privacy

Time Deposit (CD)

The longer the lock-up period on your XVMC tokens, the higher interest you earn and more voting power you possess. Time deposits are the biggest money-market in the traditional finance worth $trillions of dollars. Creating possibilities for virtually unlimited upside potential.
Industry Certified

DAO: Governance

Operated as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) governed by it's users and long-term stakers. Utilizing an 100% on-chain consensus model. Your votes directly impact the system, no intermediaries or central party required.

Fairly distributed to Over 25,000 + Holders Worldwide

Industry. Limitless Potential.
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