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Mac& - XVMC Crypto(XVMC)

Mac&Cheese.Finance is a DeFi project built on Polygon(previously known as Matic), which is a high-throughput layer 2 scaling solution built on top of Ethereum.

We are strongly focused on the end-user applications. Our goal is to bring adoption and usage of the blockchain to the masses through fun and easy to interact with dapps. We aim to combine the best of both worlds - using the best available technology on most scalable network, while at the same time reaching the broad audience through MEMEs, projects and dapps that anyone can use.

Despite having a meme, food-like name, we are a highly ambitious project with a long term vision.

The project will launch with a yield farm where users can farm LP tokens and stake in the pools to earn tokens. The main objective of the farm is to create a self-sustaining model - a share of the fees and inflation go to developer address. Money can then be used to buy-back and burn the tokens for deflationary effects or re-invested into continous growth of the platform.
We will be launching MEME tokens DOGE2, DOGE420 and DOGE69. A fun experimental project to promote the usage of simple blockchain apps to reach the widest audience possible.
MEME platform&marketplace will be launched for sharing funny pictures, videos, and gifs. Users will be able to get paid in crypto(DOGE) tokens for participation and engagement on the platform. Tokens can be staked and rewards harvested on a daily basis.

The Vision

1.) MEME platform

We will launch our own social media platform for content sharing. Initial idea is for it to be a MEME sharing websites(similar to 9gag). Users can share existing memes and create new ones. Users are rewarded with tokens for their contributions, participation and engagement. Unique contributions could be turned into NFTs and sold on the marketplace. Users are encouraged to stake their tokens and return daily to harvest their rewards.

2.) Self-Sustainability(farm) & Governance

Our first step into the DeFI space will be by launching Mac&Cheese(Finance) Yield Farm on Polygon(Matic). Users will be able to provide liquidity and farm their LP tokens in order to earn farm's native token XVMC as well as stake other tokens in the pools. The yield farm will create a self-sustainable ecosystem by generating fees from deposits, as well as taking a small fee from inflation that occurs with each block. Money generated can be used for further development or for buying back and burning the tokens for deflationary effects.

3.) DOGE tokens - Experimental MEME tokens

We have partnered with the DOGE2 project, which includes tokens DOGE2, DOGE420 and DOGE69. DOGE2 has been airdropped to the community(10,000+ participants), as well as to XVMC token holders. XVMC holders will be able to stake their tokens on Mac&Cheese platform to obtain more DOGE2. And DOGE2 holders will be able to stake their tokens on the platform to passively earn collectible tokens DOGE420 and DOGE69. will also include a charting platform and will be a part of the Mac& buyback&burn model(a portion of fees&inflation will be used to decrease the supply of DOGE2, DOGE420 and DOGE69). Actual share will be decided by the community.
Please note that this is an experiment - attempt to bring blockchain adoption to the actual users through an easy and fun to interact with app!

4.) Non-fungible tokens(NFTs) & Digital ownership

We will be launching a series of Non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) on Polygon blockchain. Digital art brought to you by Mac&cheese

5.) Many more possibilities

We will continue to build on the Polygon and add actual products, apps and services to the Mac& ecosystem.

Where can i get Mac&Cheese tokens - XVMC crypto(XVMC)?

Mac&Cheese currency(XVMC) is a token operating on the Polygon(matic) Network.

Right now the only way to get XVMC is to participate in the presale(click here). Once presale is completed XVMC will be listed on Quickswap DEX.

Minimum Viable Product

We have a working demonstration/proof of concept for Both: our soon-to-be-existing Yield farm(ready to go live) and also our Social media platform - MEME/content sharing. However note that the Mac&Cheese.Fun platform is just a DEMO/MVP to illustrate the idea, and not a functional product. The faucet is already live and working(you are welcome to test it out!)


Initial Distribution

10% of the initial supply will be airdropped to the community for free! Airdrop was active from 15th-30th of April and over 30,000 users have signed up with 26,200 eligible participants.
Roughly 10-20%(TBD) will be kept by the founding team and the rest will be sold privately in order to ensure the longevity of the project, fund further development of the project, invest in growth of the project, rewarding the community and more.

If you are a developer, liquidity provider, or if you can significantly contribute to the project in any other way you too can get a share of the pie reserved for founding team. Join our telegram channel.

  • Airdrop

    Founding team



Mid April 2021

Community Airdrop Starts

An airdrop is conducted. Users are free to participate in the airdrop. Referr your friends to the airdrop to gain more tokens. Max tokens per user is limited. Spammers or any other attempts of claiming multiple rewards by same user will be detected and punished.

Early-Mid June 2021

Token Issuance

Initial tokens for the Mac&Cheese(XVMC) project are issued on Polygon(Matic) network. XVMC becomes a fully digital - decentralized currency.

Early-Mid June 2021

Airdrop distribution

Tokens allocated for the airdrop are distributed to the eligible participants in the airdrop process

Early-Mid June 2021

"Listing" on Quickswap DEX

Mac&Cheese currency(XVMC) will be listed(we will provide initial liquidity) on decentralized exchanges(Quickswap) and available for buying and selling - trading.

Mid June 2021

Listing on cryptocurrency ranking sites

Once airdrop has been distributed and trading starts, we will file proposals to get listed on cryptocurrency ranking sites such as Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Livecoinwatch, Cryptoslate,...

To Be Announced

Mac&Cheese SWAP

Decentralized exchange

Automatic Market Maker

If there is enough interest and liquidity(will the users want it?), we can launch our own AMM(decentralized exchange). One of the only benefits of doing so would be the ability to include our tokens in the default lists for trading, without having to import by token address manually.

To Be announced

Farming, Staking & Governance

Community gets a part in the governance of the project. Users can participate in yield farms.

To Be Announced

MEME entertainment platform launch

Sale of digital ART/memes - NFTs

We will launch our own social media platform for content sharing. Initial idea is for it to be a MEME sharing websites. Users can share existing memes and create new ones. Users are rewarded for their engagement. Most popular and most viewed memes are turned into Non-Fungible-Tokens(NFTs) and sold on our marketplace.

To Be Announced

Fan Store, Community ideas,...

Fans can purchase stickers, apparel. Community gets to submit their own ideas for improvement of the project. Much more to be added to the roadmap.


June 2021

Initial token mint

At the launch of Mac&Cheese swap 1,000,000,000 XVMC will be
minted on Polygon(Matic) Network

June 2021

Community Airdrop Distribution

100,000,000 is distributed to users via airdrop
Founders keep 20% for providing liquidity, as well as for long-term incentives, the rest will be either sold privately or burned

June 2021 - Continuous


In order to incentivize the users to use our platform, reward tokens are issued to liquidity providers through yield farming, as well as "staking" assets in the avaialble pools. Emissions happen with every block. The rewards are yet to be determined as the process is dynamic. Details will be updated on our website.

  • Farmers

  • Pools

Deflationary mechanism - Token Burns

The goal is to become a deflationary currency, however at the beginning of the project, inflation is needed to incentivize the users to participate in the project and is the most effective way of stunting the growth, enabling for exponential growth . Roughly 10% of the farming rewards will be automatically sent to developer address and permanently burned - removed from the supply as a mechanism of deflation.
Alternatively, if the community decides so by vote, instead of burning the funds, they could also be instead used for the growth of the project and rewards on the MEME platform once launched. A small percentage of the farming rewards going to developer address might be used to buyback and burn partnership topens(DOGE2).

  • Farmers

  • Dev Address -> Token Burn

Join the community

Designer? Developer? Evangelist? Hodler? Meme dealer? You name it!

Everyone is welcome to join our community. You can follow us on our social media networks to stay updated with the news, or if you want to participate and contribute, join our Telegram channel. Significant contributors will be compensated with XVMC.