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Mac&Cheese - $XVMC

Mac&Cheese is a DeFi project built on Polygon(Matic), which is a high-throughput layer 2 scaling solution built on top of Ethereum.

Despite having a meme, food-like name, mac&cheese is actually trying to solve the two biggest problems of cryptocurrencies and the sole reason they were invented to begin with. Mac&Cheese.Finance has been created to serve as:
1.) A better store of value (XVMC token)
2.) Spread real world usage & adoption

In a financial era of negative interests where money is being printed out of thin air at unprecedented rates there is a strong demand for uncorrelated assets. Cryptocurrencies are the highest appreciating assets in the history of man-kind. Mac&Cheese token(XVMC) has been created to serve as an uncorrelated asset and a better store of value. It works as a form of programmable money running fully transparently as a computer code on decentralized blockchain network. It's powered by Polygon network which enables for extremely high transaction times(upwards of 2seconds) and near-zero fees.

By using an already existing blockchain network, XVMC doesn't need miners polluting the environment, nor does it have to pay any emissions to validators. All of it's value is preserved within the token holders of XVMC by issuing them interests through staking.

The goal is not to just hoard value but to reach actual real world usage and adoption. And we believe the best way to do so is through fun and easy-to-use decentralized blockchain applications and meme tokens. They have the widest audience possible and can reach the most people. By using Polygon network the barrier of entry can be reduced to zero. Giving something away for free and enabling the users to interact with dapps at zero cost is the best model for gaining users and adoption. All of which can serve as a promotion tool for the superior cryptocurrency - XVMC.

Certificates of Deposits, also known as Time deposits are a model worth trillions of dollars in the traditional finance. Along with the market value of Gold and payment methods(credit cards, PayPal,...) it truly is a market of enormous size.
Mac&Cheese(XVMC) aims to become a blockchain-equivalent, providing with a solution for some of the problems in a decentralized and transparent manner. Intended to serve as an alternative and uncorrelated asset, store of value that generates interests on deposit(certificate of deposit), enables fast and quick transfers, as well as spreads real-world adoption and usage of the blockchain apps.There is no other project putting all the pieces together like Mac&Cheese Finance.

Please note that XVMC is not a get rich quick scheme and there are no promises of future value. The price of XVMC is determined by the free market. Interest to stakers are paid in the form of XVMC token. Price for any asset, including XVMC, is determined as a function of supply and demand. Note that cryptocurrencies work as computer code that eliminate the need for a trust from third parties. At the same time this heavily limits the reach of regulators, which are(in most cases) trying to protect you from manevolent actors. As a consequence, crypto markets and especially young projects such as XVMC can be highly volatile and are deemed to carry great risks. Make sure to do your own research prior to investing and only allocate capital you can afford losing.

Store of Value & Real World Adoption

1.) XVMC Token: Store of Value & Interest Returns

Mac&Cheese token - XVMC is the main currency for the Mac&cheese Finance. It's tokenomics have been carefully designed to preserve and work in the favor of accruing wealth for the token holders. The protocol has a low inflation that is being paid as a reward for commitment to long term holders staking their tokens.

XVMC inherits transactional, smart-contracting capabilities and security of the Polygon network. There are no emissions needed for miners polluting the environment and there is no cost of paying for security of the network to validators. Consequentially all the value of XVMC is kept within the system as the emissions are only paid to the holders of XVMC.

This creates a next-generational game theory by removing the supply from the market, rewarding holders and eliminating miners and validators that sell down generated tokens to cover their costs and generate revenue.
XVMC protocol is designed to deflate and remove supply from the market. If new participants decide to join the network and increase the demand for XVMC, then the price of XVMC should naturally increase in value over time.

The tokenomics and inflation rate for XVMC can be viewed by anybody as it's a form of programmable money living on the blockchain, fully transparent and evident to everbody.

There is an argument that the protocol should be set in stone and live forever without any changes as a proof of immutability. But from an evolutionary perspective, it is the most adaptable species that are the ones to survive and thrive.
And this is why the XVMC protocol allows for possibility of future adaptations and improvements that must be voted on and approved by the community.
Mac&Cheese includes a decentralized governance portal where holders can vote on important decisions and submit their own proposals.

2.) Spreading Real World Usage & Adoption

Mac&Cheese has partnered with and launched MEME community tokens:
DOGE2, DOGE420 and DOGE69.
These tokens were created to serve as "ADOPTION" tokens. They have no emissions and have been pre-minted. No more tokens will ever be created. Majority of the tokens are held in a smart contract that serves as a treasury wallet(withdrawals are processed with time-delay, guaranteeing safety and transparency for all participants).

The tokens are launched on Polygon(Matic) network, which require no extra emissions for miners nor validators. The value is preserved and exchanged within it's users. Tokens will be slowly released into circulation to NEW users, becoming one of the only tokens that uses it's inflation for adopting new users into the ecosystem.
Dogecoin has no apparent use case or purpose, yet it has managed to amass almost $100Billion of marketcap value at it's peak. Why is it so? Because cryptocurrencies can be complex and hard to understand. But everyone understands memes and jokes, and this is why Dogecoin was the top performer as it had an appeal to the widest audience possible.

The purpose of DOGE2, DOGE420 and DOGE69 is to do the same thing and to become the "Dogecoin of Decentralized Finance(DeFI)". As DeFI at first sight seems even more complex and intimidating than classical cryptocurrencies, DOGE2 tokens will create a fun and easy way for the widest audience possible to learn about the Decentralized Finance ecosystem, familiarize themself with it's mechanic in a low risk environment and interact with decentralized applications and blockchain in a user-friendly manner.
DOGE2 tokens are created to serve as a gateway into the DeFI ecosystem, similar to how dogecoin is the gateway to regular cryptocurrencies(masses of people enter cryptocurrencies by buying doge).

3.) Staking Platform Generating Interests for Holders

XVMC token has already been launched and is running as a computer code on Polygon network. It requires no third party or centralization. It runs by itself. Anybody can stake their XVMC and earn interests on their deposit.
The current iteration of the XVMC protocol is minting 25XVMC per each block and distributing them to stakers(stake tokens in pools) and farmers(provide liquidity for XVMC on Quickswap decentralized exchange).

XVMC protocol improvement proposal:
An update to the XVMC protocol is already being built by the community. Anyone can create a proposal for improvements on the decentralized governance platform.

The draft for the current improvement is as follow:
-Reduce farming rewards to 15% and increase pools rewards to 85%
-Reduce emissions per block
-make XVMC:USDC the only farm to create uncorrelated asset
-Staking pools only for XVMC(and DOGE2), keep rewards within the ecosystem
-Create time-locked contracts where users can commit to stake their XVMC shares for a period of time. The longer the commit time, the higher the returns
-Emergency withdraw prior to maturation on stakes are penalized(penalty depends on time staked relative to expiry)
-Portion of the penalized tokens are burned to create deflation, portion are re-distributed to holders through staking of CDP
-When staking XVMC in a time-locked contract users receive a CHEESEDIP(CDP), which serves as a Certificate of DePosit for their XVMC tokens
-CDP is a liquid asset that can be traded and transferred while your XVMC tokens are locked and are passively generating returns on your investment
-CDP can be staked in the "Cheesedip" staking area to earn more XVMC(penalties from pre-mature withdrawals), as well as DOGE420 and DOGE69 rewards, and(potential) partner tokens. You can earn interest on your interest.

All of the above features are meant to create the best possible store of value and reward holders.

4) Community Adoption Projects

Please note that the projects are initiated by the community. Anyone can build on the Mac&Cheese ecosystem, but there is no centralized team responsible for development. You should have no expectations to make money from the work of others. Want Mac&Cheese finance to be better? Then make it better yourself. Anybody can build and get access to the adoption tokens allocated to their dapp, under circumstance it gets voted by the community and token holders. As you can see for yourself, there are already a variety of projects and tools built around mac&cheese Finance.

MEME platform
Community is building a MEME platform that will reward users for their participation and engagement. Providing a daily share of memes and news feed via mobile app. Users are rewarded with DOGE2, that they can stake on the staking platform for DOGE420 and DOGE69.

Player vs Player Gaming Platform
Chess, Tic Tac Toe, Connect Four, Card Games, Wurdi, ... the possibilities are limitless. Any game can be added, ranging from arcade and going as far as prediction markets
Taking PvP social games to the next level by creating incentives, forcing users to put in maximum effort and a scoreboard they can track. Adding wager of tokens to the game just makes everything more interesting.
Two competing users deposit their tokens into a smart contract. The process is trustless as the third party does not have access to the funds. The third party is only relayed to host the game off-chain and to act as an oracle that decides the winner and updates the result into the blockchain. Winning wallet can then withdraw the proceeds.

More projects: Submit your idea
Anybody can participate and create their own project and plug-in Mac&Cheese ecosystem. The DOGE tokens are created to be released at a slow rate to NEW USERS adopting the technology. If you have a project that promotes adoption, DOGE2 tokens are available upon approval and vote by the holders.

4.) Non-fungible tokens(NFTs) & Digital ownership for a charitable cause

There is already astonishing art being created related to Mac&cheese projects. The creations can be turned into NFTs and sold on the marketplace. 100% of the proceeds from NFT sales will go to charitable causes.

Where can i get Mac&Cheese($XVMC)?

Mac&Cheese currency(XVMC) is a token operating on the Polygon(matic) Network.

You can buy XVMC on decentralized Quickswap exchange (click here).

The liquidity is currently low. Public opportunity will be available soon, which will allow transformations to XVMC in bigger quantities.

Mac&Cheese (XVMC) Contract Address on Polygon: Polygonscan

XVMC Price chart: Link

Mac&Cheese Finance Growing Ecosystem

Initial Distribution

10% of the initial supply had been airdropped to the community for free! Airdrop was active from 15th-30th of April and over 30,000 users have signed up with 26,200 eligible participants.
65% of the tokens will be available for transformation in order to distribute the tokens to a wide array of participants, as well as increase volume and liquidity.

If you are a developer, liquidity provider, or if you can significantly contribute to the project in any other way you too can get a share of the pie. Join our telegram channel.

  • Airdrop

    Public Transformation


Mid April 2021

Community Airdrop Starts

An airdrop was conducted. Users are free to participate in the airdrop. Referr your friends to the airdrop to gain more tokens. Max tokens per user is limited. Spammers or any other attempts of claiming multiple rewards by same user will be detected and punished.

Early-Mid June 2021

Token Issuance

Initial tokens for the Mac&Cheese(XVMC) project are issued on Polygon(Matic) network. XVMC becomes a fully digital - decentralized currency.

Early-Mid June 2021

Airdrop distribution

Tokens allocated for the airdrop are distributed to the eligible participants in the airdrop process

Early-Mid June 2021

"Listing" on Quickswap DEX

Mac&Cheese currency(XVMC) is listed on decentralized exchanges(Quickswap) and available for buying and selling - trading.

Mid June 2021

Listing on cryptocurrency ranking sites

Once airdrop has been distributed and trading starts, requests for listing can be filled on cryptocurrency ranking sites such as Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Livecoinwatch, Cryptoslate,...

Late July 2021

Staking Platform: Generate Interests

Stake & Generate interests

Users can stake their tokens and earn interests on their deposit, as well as provide liquidity and farm LP tokens. Tokens can be used in voting and proposals.

To Be announced

Time-locked Deposits

Time-locked deposits will be introduced as an upgrade to XVMC protocol. Those who will commit to their stake for a longer period of time will receive higher interests on their deposit(paid in XVMC). Pre-mature withdrawals will be penalized and allocated into pools for honest stakers.

To Be Announced

Community Adoption Projects

MEME platform, PvP Gaming

These projects can be launched by anybody. The DAO overseeing the treasury wallet will allocate the DOGE2 tokens to qualifying projects that are voted and approved by the community.

PERPETUAL & Ever increasing

Network Growth & User Adoption

Continuous growth of the project, utilizing network effects and spreading adoption


June 2021

Initial token mint

At the launch of Mac&Cheese swap 1,000,000,000 XVMC had been
minted on Polygon(Matic) Network

June 2021

Community Airdrop Distribution

100,000,000 is distributed to users via airdrop
650,000,000XVMC remains available for participants who wish to transform their tokens into XVMC

June 2021 - Continuous


Currently there are steady emissions of 25XVMC/block that are divided between liquidity providers(farms) and stakers(pools). The goal is to take the best care of inflation and treat it with utmost care and preserve the wealth within the ecosystem. The traditional yield farming concept is a failed model and XVMC has a drastically different approach, prioritizing to preserve it's value and rewarding holders.

  • Farmers

  • Pools

Deflationary mechanism - Token Burns

Currently roughly 10% of the farming rewards are automatically sent to developer address and permanently burned - removed from the supply as a mechanism of deflation.
In the future iteration of the protocol it is planned to implement time-locked deposits, where premature withdrawals get penalized. The penalties are then partially burned, partially re-distributed to the honest stakers. This will actually add another deflationary effect, as well as reward committed holders and stakers.

  • Farmers

  • Dev Address -> Token Burn

Join the community

Designer? Developer? Evangelist? Hodler? Meme dealer? You name it!

Everyone is welcome to join our community. You can follow us on our social media networks to stay updated with the news, or if you want to participate and contribute, join our Telegram channel. Significant contributors will be compensated with XVMC.