Mac&Cheese - XVMC protocol

Bitcoin became the first decentralized cryptocurrency, Ethereum provided the infrastructure allowing anyone to build and launch smart contract and networks like Polygon provide the same infrastructure with higher scalability allowing for real world adoption. All of these innovations have layed the groundwork for Mac&Cheese and $XVMC protocol to thrive. XVMC is a full-stack, forever evolutionary cryptocurrency utilizing all of the existing technologies to create something new and innovative.
It works as a DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) incorporated through time deposits. Specifically designed to create scarcity and attract liquidity in order to create an appreciating asset. It inverses the yield farming concept and has a fully decentralized design with innovative consensus mechanism for potential future upgrades of the protocol. There were no early investors or VCs, it has the most fair and transparent distribution possible. It utilizes the value of time and money as a certificate of deposit(biggest money market in the world). Designed to spread through network effects, created to go viral. It has in-built volatility events with users acting as oracles regulating the entire system, including it's inflation. It has a fully upgradeable and modular design allowing anybody to build upon it, fuelling continuous innovation, adaptation and evolution of the entire protocol. Designed to create an appealing asset to the widest audience possible. It specifically focuses on the whole reason why cryptocurrencies were invented: removing the trusted third parties - creating a truly decentralized financial system, a unique digital currency focused on creating scarcity with it's own governance and consensus model. It's made to adapt, grow and evolve without any one party having control.

DAO ( Decentralized Autonomous Organization )
Mac&cheese is designed to be fully decentralized without any one party in control - the single most sought-after quality and the whole reason why cryptocurrencies were invented to begin with. Removing unjust and unneccessary trusted third parties and replacing them with algorithms working for the benefit of the users. The system is regulated by users and governed through long term stakers. Effectively creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) focused on creating wealth and providing valuable services as a protocol.

INVERSE-yield Farming Concept
Mac&Cheese is the exact opposite of yield farming. Most people are looking to make money on an appreciating asset that they could stake and earn interest on. Yield farms introduce a big conflict of interest for unsophisticated users, as they give the whales the opportunity to stake their cryptocurrencies to earn the farms native token. Whales extract profit by dumping the token and farm operators get rewarded through commissions. It is a system "rigged" to work against most users for the benefit of bigger players and centralized farm operators.

Creating Scarcity & Attracting Liquidity
XVMC works in the favor of the holders and stakers. Users can stake and earn interest by locking up their tokens for a pre-determined period of time. This effectively removes supply from the market, creating a scarce asset. There are only 2 reasons why the price of any asset moves - the buyers and sellers(supply and demand). XVMC removes sellers from the market by forcing them to lock up their tokens and attracts new buyers through periods of boosted inflation. In Bitcoin, miners are the ones who receive the inflation which dilutes your tokens. In XVMC protocol the only ones receiving the inflation are the stakers. If you are a staked on the longest time deposit available - there is virtually 0 inflation for you.

Fair Distribution: No early investors, no VCs
At the moment of writing, there are no early investors, no venture capitalists and there were no private deals. Everyone is welcome to participate under the same conditions. The system is already built up. If you decide to contribute, what you are getting - are the tokens. The system is designed to take off and run without any one party having control.

Certificate of Deposit - Time deposits
The longer period the users lock-away their tokens for - the higher rewards they earn. This concept is called Certificate of Deposit or Time Deposit and is the BIGGEST money-market in the entire world worth $trillions of dollars. Banks pay higher interests when locking up your loan for a longer period. Combining the potential of the biggest market in traditional finance with the quality of cryptocurrency as the highest appreciating assets in the history - creating the perfect elixir for explosive growth and adoption.

Innovative Oracles
Blockchains are closed-systems. They can not see nor understand the real world. Oracles are trusted third parties that relay the real world data to the blockchain. When Bitcoin was invented, Satoshi has said it himself that he could not find a way to integrate oracles in a decentralized fashion, so he just created a simple formula where the inflation reduces(halves) every 4 years. XVMC protocol solves this problems, using sort of a bidding system which turns users into oracles overseeing and regulating the entire system including reward allocation, inflation, events, rollover bonuses, fees and much more. Unlike traditional governance, in XVMC responsibility is ensured as voting has an economic cost.

Governance & Consensus Mechanism
The system is regulated through token bidding which is meant to be ran by more sophisticated users. However they are always overpowered by the consensus mechanism - which is achieved through voting of users with locked up tokens inside long-term time deposits. This is how the system can be fine-tuned, modified or entirely re-designed in a decentralized manner.

Fully Flexible & Upgradeable
The single most important thing is to remain flexible, to adapt and continously evolve with the market environment and conditions. This is the Achilles' Heel - failure point of immutable protocols. While Bitcoin can be upgraded, there is a big conflict of interest at the core of it's protocol. It's secured by miners who have to protect their interests which might not be in the best interest of the users, system and the environment. Mac&Cheese(XVMC) has potentially one of the best consensus systems - it's governed by users whose tokens are locked for the longest period. As holders with highested vested interested act for their own benefit, their interests are perfectly aligned with the interest of long-term viability of the protocol(all other holders).

Designed to attract the widest audience possible
Dogecoin was literally meant to be the joke, yet it turned out to be one of the best performing assets in 2021. For most people, cryptocurrencies are "everything you don't understand about money combined with everything you don't understand about computers". They can be hard and complex to understand.
Everyone understands jokes and everyone wants to make money. This is probably one of the main reasons why dogecoin outperformed as it had the widest array of potential buyers. Mac&Cheese(XVMC) is literally designed to attract everybody and brings the best of the both worlds together - it combines the memes with a fundamentally strong project. Meme food names are proven to work(pancake) and Mac&Cheese is just on another level. Everyone gags when they hear the name and that's exactly what is needed to reach the desired viral and network effects.

Who is Mac&Cheese(XVMC) for?
It's for everyone who likes appreciating assets, scarcity, decentralization, strong fundamentals, staking & earning interest, people looking for "hands-off" passive approach, those looking for high APY(during boosted periods), those looking for low and modest staking returns(during stagnation). It's also for everybody who is interested in Meme tokens, it could be attractive for institutional investors who are looking for indirect exposure to NFTs or MEME tokens, without having to own the actual token/picture(the XVMC protocol holds them).
The wider the targeted audience, the higher the growth potential.

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
The protocol currently has the ability to hold NFTs. Instead of selling the NFTs and making money for the creators and minters, the NFTs can be instead gifted to the protocol. As the protocol holds scarce assets, it makes it more valuable and could be seen as an attractive holding for those looking for indirect exposure to NFTs. Since the protocol is fully upgradeable, the marketplace for the assets could be integrated by anybody. For example the protocol could sell NFTs for it's native token XVMC, further removing supply from the market and increasing demand for the token.

MEME tokens
For better or worst, meme tokens are a big part of the market. If you can't beat them, join them. This is why we have created meme tokens DOGE420, DOGE69 and DOGE2. Everyone who contributes(or free-claims), will also receive these tokens as a bonus. They will be fairly distributed, but the most of the tokens will be directly held by the XVMC protocol. They can be transferred on approval granted by decentralized consensus of long-term XVMC stakers. This can act as a treasury. But it also serves to create a narrative. XVMC could be viewed as a quality asset with strong fundamentals, which at the same time gives all holders an indirect exposure to MEME tokens.

In-built Volatility events
To retain the interest, new interesting and exciting things need to be happening. The protocol is fully upgradeable, but since it's decentralized, there are not going to be any fake partnerships or announcements. The volatility will be induced at the core through periods of boosted inflation and high rewards. After all price is the most interesting and engaging parameter, which is driven by supply&demand at it's core.

Innovative Inflation Schedule
Bitcoin has one event every 4 years where the reward per block(inflation) halves every 4 years. It's called "halvening". In XVMC there is a better and innovative - fully dynamic alternative concept called "Fibonaccening". This part grew to be too large so in-depth explanation is explained in a separate article here.

You Don't Have To Understand How It Works
XVMC can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. It's dumbed down to the lowest common IQ denominator - Stake and earn. If people lock up their tokens, removing supply from the market and new buyers are creating the demand - price should naturally increase. That's just the basic principle, if you want to understand the underlying system it requires an in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies, the technology and most importantly: market psychology. The good thing is, you don't have to understand how it works. The system is designed to act on a subconscious level. You don't know the underlying infrastructure of the social media, yet they manage to addict you and consume your attention. XVMC does the same, but it's designed to work in your favor and steer you in the right direction. It promotes long-term thinking and pays you to delay your gratification. You get paid bonuses to roll-over your stakes and extend the time deposit option. It could be seen as an artificial intelligence protocol designed to attract capital in order to grow itself. Would you like to own a share of such protocol? I would! And you can too...

What would an ideal cryptocurrency look like?
XVMC focuses on what matters the most for price appreciation(removing supply from the market and creating demand), has the best possible distribution, designed for viral effects and spreading, fundamentally best system, removes the need for trusted third parties, acts as it's own decentralized system and currency with time deposits, governed and regulated in a decentralized manner through unique consensus mechanism, is fully modular and upgradeable, designed to evolve with the market, includes NFTs and MEMEs to capture widest audience possible,.... It really is the culmination of 10 years of cryptocurrency innovation and market psychology.