Free claim is no longer available

How many tokens will you receive?
You will receive a proportional share from your amount, relative to total balance used to claim,
factoring in all the bonuses and potential penalties.
When will the tokens be distributed?
Locked(staked) tokens will be distributed first, approximately by end of 1st week in December. Tokens with no lock-up will be distributed with a slight delay.

Where can i find more details?
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RISK DISCLAIMER: There is little to no risks for free-claim. There is no promise of future value for the tokens. The most you can lose, is a minute of your time. There are no potential security vulnerabilities - hackers can steal your coins if you give them your private keys, or if you confirm an allowance through your crypto wallet(effectively you unknowingly give them permission to transfer your funds). This process doesn't require any of those. It is trustless without any risks. Depending on the demand and conditions, the claiming phase might be extended for 7 days. Please note that the % for the time deposit option might change. The goal is to find an optimal rate that would encourage users to stake for the longest period possible, and give as little coins to potential sellers.