MATIC, CAKE, ETH, BNB, SUSHI, HEX and SOL holders and stakers can claim free XVMC tokens
(The process requires roughly 1minute, no authorization required on-site = no security risks). Skip
Everyone who held/staked at the time of the snapshot(at end of 18th October day) is eligible

The amount of tokens you receive will be proportional to the value of your crypto holdings

Eligible for Free-claim:
MATIC holders on Polygon, ETH, BSC ✅
MATIC validators/delegators ✅
CAKE Stakers on Pancakeswap ✅
BNB holders on BSC ✅
ETH holders on Ethereum, Polygon✅
ETH 2.0 validators ✅
Solana Validators ✅
xSUSHI stakers ✅
HEX Stakers ✅

Not eligible:
❌ If you held tokens on Exchange ❌
❌ If the value of your holdings was less than 25$ ❌

If you held or staked any of these tokens, you can get free XVMC

XVMC Tokens for Free-Claim:
330,000,000 (30%)

Free claim has been extended and is available until 30th of November

Step 1/2 Submit your wallet address and select where your tokens were held at the time of snapshot

If you choose to stake, the tokens will be credited to your wallet address into a time-locked, auto-compounding pool that earns interest. The longer the staking period, the more tokens and higher rewards(APY) you will receive
Users in the staking pool get to govern and control the consensus of the system
The goal is to give potential sellers as little as possible and reward long term holders(stakers)

Main features and goals for XVMC
The main goal of Mac&Cheese(XVMC) was to create something that would appreciate in value. The price of any asset is determined solely by it's buyers and sellers. The protocol is designed to create scarcity - remove potential sellers from the market and attract new buyers. In addition, XVMC also possesses all the qualities that make cryptocurrencies so valuable and sought-after: it's decentralized, works as a currency and time deposit(CD), it's made to create scarcity, has it's own governance and it offers yield/passive income to stakers. This is exactly what decentralized finance is supposed to look like. As the value of the protocol grows, it is made to evolve and provide additional services as a protocol.

  • Cryptocurrencies are already the highest appreciating assets in the history and biggest transformation of wealth
  • The main reason why cryptocurrencies were invented to begin with - is to eliminate the need for a trusted third party
  • XVMC protocol is operated as a series of smart contracts on Polygon network, made to be fully decentralized - without any one party having control
  • The price of any asset is solely determined by it's buyers and sellers. XVMC offers staking rewards to those who lock-up their tokens
  • As users lock-up their tokens, they are removing supply from the market, collectively creating a scarce asset
  • A similar concept is already being used by banks worldwide, it's called a certificate of deposit or time deposit. It is the biggest money-market in the entire world, worth more than store of value(gold, bitcoin) and all payment methods combined. Banks pay you higher interests if you commit your loan for a longer period.
  • Scarce assets tend to appreciate in value. New participants are attracted through periods of boosted rewards
  • Users act as oracles regulating the system(inflation, fees, rewards, bonuses, events,...)
  • Locked up stakers create the consensus mechanism - a way to upgrade and re-fine the protocol in a decentralized manner
  • A passive approach - users can stake and forget, while the protocol works in their favor and guarantees honesty amongst other participants
  • It is exactly what most people are looking for in a cryptocurrency: a hands-off approach with potential to appreciate in value, as well as an opportunity to earn yield/passive income
  • People like meme tokens, so all participants get DOGE420 and DOGE69 for free. it is a hedge against stupidity and they provide you with exposure to meme tokens
  • The protocol can hold NFTs - it could make XVMC more attractive as it would provide bigger managers an exposure to NFTs and MEME tokens, without having to speculate on any one given asset
  • XVMC is designed to increase it's value. It is fundamentally the most important project and it also includes all the neccesary psychological aspects to succeed. However, please keep in mind there are no guarantees of future value or success. While we believe the potential is enormous and the opportunity could be similar to getting in early on Ethereum at 0.3$... It should be considered as highly risky, is likely to be highly volatile, and could go to 0.

  • How many tokens will you receive?
    You will receive a proportional share from your amount, relative to total balance used to claim,
    factoring in all the bonuses and potential penalties.
    When will the tokens be distributed?
    Locked(staked) tokens will be distributed first, approximately on 1st of December. Tokens with no lock-up will be distributed with a slight delay.

    Where can i find more details?
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    RISK DISCLAIMER: There is little to no risks for free-claim. There is no promise of future value for the tokens. The most you can lose, is a minute of your time. There are no potential security vulnerabilities - hackers can steal your coins if you give them your private keys, or if you confirm an allowance through your crypto wallet(effectively you unknowingly give them permission to transfer your funds). This process doesn't require any of those. It is trustless without any risks. Depending on the demand and conditions, the claiming phase might be extended for 7 days. Please note that the % for the time deposit option might change. The goal is to find an optimal rate that would encourage users to stake for the longest period possible, and give as little coins to potential sellers.