Disclaimer: XVMC token is not an investment. It's an utility token used to regulate the decentralized ecosystem. Tokens can be traded on decentralized exchanges. The token price is likely to be highly volatile and could go to 0.

XVMC can be bought on almost any chain(Ethereum, BSC, Polygon,...) using Rubic cross-chain exchange. XVMC will be delivered to your address on Polygon Network. To access the tokens, just add the Polygon network to your wallet!

Buy USDC on Polygon network, then swap on Quickswap

XVMC is an ERC-20 token on Polygon(Matic) Network
You can use Rubic cross-chain swap to get XVMC from Ethereum, BSC, SOL, AVAX, Fantom and more
After the swap is completed
1.) Add Polygon(Matic) Network in wallet(Tutorial)
2.) add XVMC Contract address in Metamask: