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What is Matic Faucet and what is it good for?
On Polygon network, Matic is the currency used for conducing transactions. Each transaction costs a very small fee to process. And that fee is paid in form of gas with Matic token. If you do not have any Matic in your wallet, then you can not send any transactions!

That's what our faucet is build for. Not to earn $$$, but just to get enough Matic to perform transactions on Polygon! Enjoy!
Get Matic on Polygon mainnet - easy, near-instant & free!

What can you do with 0.001Matic? Is it Enough?
We are glad you asked. At this point in time 0.001Matic is enough to send up to a dozen of basic transactions. That's how cheap it is to use the Polygon Network!

What is Polygon(previously Matic)?
Polygon is a high-throughput layer2 scaling solution built on top of Ethereum. It is designed to serve real-world use case with unprecedented scalability, reaching up to 7000TPS(transactions per second) on a single chain. In comparison, Ethereum can process 15TPS.

The high scalability enables for near-instant transactions with virtually zero fees. Polygon is interoperable network, meaning it can interact with other networks. You can bridge your Ethereum(and ERC-20) tokens to Polygon. There are also external bridges being built that enable transactions from Binance Smart Chain(BSC) and other chains onto Polygon.

Faucet Statistics:
Status: Active
Total transactions sent: 480416
Limitations: 3 /day

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